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Minggu, 14 November 2010

This is a Malang’s spirit concept. A trinity by philosophies and messages. Jemuran Arwah which in english named OverSoul means a spirit-rising for the less remained hopes.

This project is a temporary art in Art & Architecture Competition, named Open-Arch right on August 17th 2010, which is the day of Indonesia’s National Awakening.

It has three philosophies inside: 1) Hope of new light, 2) Heroes for rising, 3) Hand in hand. “Hope of new light” for a reason that the designer team saw a phenomena: Most Indonesians nowdays had nothing but only hope, hope for better future, hope for better life. “Heroes for rising” for honouring the day this compitition for and to remember of those heroes which were dead before. “Hand in hand” was spirit of unity. which defined by strong connected bound for each bent bamboos to others bamboos and surround.

This was unique temporary art which used an ethnic & modern materials (bamboos and nylon strings) into contemporare design. This bamboos ranks were stood in increasing size, from the shortest to the tallest, from less bent curved till the widest bent. It’s all designed in one harmony of nature, either by materials or by curved design.

But still, it was problem in application for the designer team. The amount of bamboos ranks which should be 17 much, must be less till 12 only in amount. It’s only because the site’s size didn’t support for that amount.

But after all, this unique design had made this team into the winner and gone to get the first prize. It’s an honour.

sketch by Perdana Putra

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